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ACT1-201 - USB to RS232 Adapterkabel (ACTiSYS certified)

ACT1-201 - USB to RS232 Adapterkabel (ACTiSYS certified)
ACT1-201 - USB to RS232 Adapterkabel (ACTiSYS certified) ACT1-201 - USB to RS232 Adapterkabel (ACTiSYS certified)

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The ACTiSYS ACT1-201 conversion cable is ideal to connect the range of intelligent and RawIR serial adapters with any device having only the USB port.

Usable for all RS232 IrDA & IR adapters: ACT-IR220LN, IR220Li, IR220L+, IR200L, IR100SL, IR100SLM, IR100SD, IR8250PEK, IR320L etc., and such adapters from all other brands.

The short cable length of 30cm (1ft) is ideal to prevent a mix of cabling in your setup!

This adapter has been thoroughly tested by ACTiSYS and it is certified to function with ALL serial ACTiSYS adapters.


Questions about the product:

  • Why do some USB-to-RS232 cable not function properly?
    • Any RS232-IrDA adapter takes power from RS232 signal lines which follow RS232 spec., and will deliver adequate current to drive IR220Li. But the cheap USB-RS232 cables use cheap ICs inside which deliver power current below RS232 spec. If the USB-serial cables delivers power current according to the RS232 specs, it will work well. But if it delivers a power current which is somewhat less, or badly off specifications, it will work marginally, or even not work with RS232-IrDA adapter.
  • This model has been rigorously tested and is the suggested model for all ACTiSYS RS232 adapters.


  • ca. 30cm cable (1ft.)
  • DB9M (RS232) plug
  • USB plug

Power Supply:

  • through USB-Port, no other external power needed

System Requirements:

  • one free USB port
  • Usable with Win98/ME/2K,WinXPSP2/Vista/Win7/Win8/WinServer2003/2008(32&64 bits), Mac OS (Intel & Power PC), Linux, Windows-CE (ARM & x86)

Package Contents:

  • USB to RS232 cable
  • CD with drivers

Further Informations:

  • Our adapters bear the WEEE registration mark according to EU law. We offer discounts for resellers ordering larger quantities.
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