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Standards and protocols for data transfer by infrared light are continuously improved. Especially the industrial sector sees a great variety for applications of infrared devices. Get more information and latest news in our JACOBI News corner.
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ACT-IR2012UL - USB IrDA FIR Infrared Adapter

ACT-IR2012UL - USB IrDA FIR Infrared Adapter
ACT-IR2012UL - USB IrDA FIR Infrared Adapter

Product no.: ACT-IR2012UL
Shipping time: 3-4 Days
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Print product data sheetACT-IR2012UL - USB IrDA FIR Infrared Adapter

178,50 EUR

19 % VAT incl.| excl. Shipping costs

The ACT-IR2012UL attaches to the USB port of desktop PC to give the user wireless data transfer for record synchronization, file back-up and network access, directly from IR-capable computers. No external power is needed!

IR2012UL supports fast IrDA data transfer up to 4Mbps. It can reach a communication distance of 100cm with no external power! It is applicable to any IR communication protocal specifications.


  • Infrared Wireless USB Interface Adapter.
  • IR head can be easily attached to any convenient desktop location using Velcro.

Package Contents:

  • IrDA (SIR, FIR) USB Adapter
  • Velcro tape
  • Download link for Drivers 

System Requirements:

  • Compatible Operating System:
    • Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7; Windows 8, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2003 (32bit and 64bit)
    • MacOS: There is some issue with IrDA Stack in MacOS. Please contact support before buying for MacOS!
    • Linux
  • One free USB port
    • fully compliant with USB 3.0 and IrDA 1.4

Further Informations:

  • Our adapters bear the WEEE registration mark according to EU law. We offer discounts for resellers ordering larger quantities.
  • Please follow detailed instructions for installation in Windows 10 (32bit und 64bit)!
  • Key parameters can be programmed (Extra BOF's; Min. TAT; Speed Enable; Read Depth, Read Threshold etc.)
  • This model is suitable for the following devices, amongst others:
    • Physio-Control AEDs (download & upload)
    • DORMA Kaba Locks (not DOM Protector, as they utilize ACT-IR224UN or ACT-IR424UN)



For further information, please visit the homepage of this product.

 Datasheet with Specifications for ACTiSYS IR2012UL USB adapter.


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