Shipping & Returns

We ship quickly and securely to all worldwide destinations.

Standard shipping conditions within Germany

Our logistic partners are Deutsche Post and DHL. All shipments are registered and bear an identification number which helps to track position and delivery. (Deutsche Post provides Registered Letters for small international shipments, DHL provides parcel tracking).

Payment Form: Shipping Costs: Form of Payment Costs:
Prepayment: € 5,90 -,--
Credit Cards: € 5,90 € 0,00
PayPal: € 5,90 € 0,00
Payment on Delivery: € 15,00 € 2,00

All shop prices include 16% German VAT and shipping costs and payment costs are being added (Payment on delivery might incur surcharges by the local delivery agent, within Germany DHL charges € 2,- incl. 16% USt extra). All prices mentioned here include the German VAT of 16%. If you are a business customer and are located outside of Germany but within the EU, we can deduct Value Added Tax. For all Non-EU customers tax is automatically deducted through our invoicing process.


Standard shipping conditions outside of Germany

We differentiate between shipping to other EU countries and worldwide shipping. Our shop shows real shipping costs dynamically during checkout process. If your destination can't be selected, the shipping costs seem off the norm or you require special way of shipping (e.g. Express), please contact us!