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Various Adapters

This category contains various adapters which are needed again and again in the IT environment.

Infrarotadapter und Bluetooth LPT to USB

This category contains the special adapter LPT2USB which enables the printing from a legacy parallel LPT port to a modern USB printer. Thus also modern printers with USB port can be operated with older PC or industrial devices, which often are still equipped with the typical LPT port. Please note that the USB printer needs to have a built-in printer language like PS3 or PCL. Printers which rely on a Windows device driver alone will not work wit hthe LPT2USB adapter! 

Infrarotadapter und Bluetooth USB to R232
Infrarotadapter und Bluetooth USB to Parallel
Infrarotadapter und Bluetooth USB Switch
Infrarotadapter und Bluetooth Adapter Cables

This category contains all kinds of cable adapters, which allow quick and easy connections. Due to the large amount of computer accessories you must have collection of these cables. We only sell high quality adapter cables which work reliably.