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Standards and protocols for data transfer by infrared light are continuously improved. Especially the industrial sector sees a great variety for applications of infrared devices. Get more information and latest news in our JACOBI News corner.
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As European Office of ACTiSYS Corp. we offer you best buying conditions for the whole ACTiSYS product range. Please let us know, which product and quantity you are trying to source. You can send us an E-Mail or here and you will receive your individual quote.
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ACTiSYS IrDA and RawIR Infrared Adapters

IrDA Adapters

 Here are all adapters for RS232 and USB!

Infrarotadapter und Bluetooth Computer Adapters

This category contains all adapters which enable your computer with infrared/IrDA connectivity.

Infrarotadapter und Bluetooth Industrial Adapters

This category contains adapters which are ideal for idustrial usage, or which enable special configurations.

Important information for the model numbers ending in "L" or "LE": The LED behaviour depends on the variant of the adapter. This needs only be considered when LED is used a status information.

LED Behaviour ACTiSYS IR-Adapter
Status ACT-IRx24UN-Lx
(standard version)
(e.g. ACT-IR224UN-LN115-LE)
Power On LED on for 1 Second LED off for 1 Second
Standby or Receive LED off LED on
Transmitting LED blinks rapidly, but weak


Infrarotadapter und Bluetooth Intelligent IrDA

Here we offer the integrated, intelligent IrDA adapters of ACTiSYS from our stock in Germany. For detail questions and specifications, please contact us through sales@jacobi.de!

Infrarotadapter und Bluetooth Printer Adapters

This category contains all adapters which are enable wireless connectivity with your printer.