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Standards and protocols for data transfer by infrared light are continuously improved. Especially the industrial sector sees a great variety for applications of infrared devices. Get more information and latest news in our JACOBI News corner.
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ACT-IR224UN-LN96-LE - USB Infrared Adapter IrDA, RawIR, 9,6kbps

ACT-IR224UN-LN96-LE - USB Infrared Adapter IrDA, RawIR, 9,6kbps
ACT-IR224UN-LN96-LE - USB Infrared Adapter IrDA, RawIR, 9,6kbps

Product no.: ACT-IR224UN-LN96-LE
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Print product data sheetACT-IR224UN-LN96-LE - USB Infrared Adapter IrDA, RawIR, 9,6kbps

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The ACTiSYS ACT-IR224UN is a programmable infrared adapter for the USB port. It is user configurable to emulate the functionality mode of one of the following "classic" (serial) adapters: ACT-IR220LN, ACT-IR220Li, ACT-IR220L, ACT-IR220L+. Furthermore it provides compatibility with the following devices: JetEYE 9680 Level Mode & Pulse Mode, IFSYS 8001A Level & Pulse Mode. The adapter can also be preset to a certain configuration according to customer's demand.

This adapter is therefore ideal for flexible usage. If only a USB port is available but your application was written for a serial connection to an infrared device, this adapter will enable you to continue to use the application. The prolific chip used in this infrared adapter provides the needed USB-to-serial functionality and creates a virtual COM port, which can be accessed from your application.

The model IR224UN-LN96-LE is set to a communications speed of 9.6kbps and "LN"-function (RawIR). This setting cannot be changed. The model is well suited for customer projects where it should work "out of the box".

The adapter then allows direct access to the different functions of the emulated "classic" infared devices - e.g. the RawIR mode of the IR220LN series.


  • Infrared Wireless USB Interface Adapter with 9.6kbps LN setting fixed.
  • IR head can be easily attached to any convenient desktop location using Velcro.
  • Ruggedized version is also available.


    An integral 3.28ft +/- 0.1ft (100cm +/- 3cm) cable with USB connector.
    USB port power only. No external power required.
    IR224UN: 2.4"L x 1.4"W x 0.74"H

System Requirements:

  • One unoccupied USB port.

Package Contents:

  • USB Infared Adapter
  • Download Link containing driver, manual
  • Velcro tape

Further Informations:

  • Our adapters bear the WEEE registration mark according to EU law. We offer discounts for resellers ordering larger quantities.


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